New Bosch eBike Smart System Tracker the ConnectModule

This is a short article about the exciting new release of the Bosch ConnectModule, an ebike tracker designed to integrate with Bosch’s new smart system and Flow ebike app. The ConnectModule is a tracker with a built in eBike alarm. It has its own radio module and charges from the ebike’s main battery. It also has it’s own internal battery to track your bike even when the battery has been removed!

If you purchase the eBike alarm system through the Bosch Flow App, you can remotely lock the ebike and it cannot be cycled as an electric bike when activated. Then if there are unauthourized movements of your ebike it will trigger an audible alarm and notify you on your phone to say your ebike is being tampered with! It can also track the location of your ebike in real time via the eBike Flow App. This is a system that can be retrofitted to Bosch Smart System ebikes. Although sometimes you will need additional covers to fit the Bosch ConnectModule (BCM) in. We have found for example that the Haibike ALLTRACK 4 needs a larger motor drive unit case to fit the BCM. This is orderable through Magura Bosch at your local Bosch eBike specialist dealer (like ourselves). So the system does not stop the cranks from moving around, it merely prevents the electric system being usable by the thief. This means it is more of a complimentry system to use in conjunction with a decent lock or locks.

The Main functions of the Bosch ConnectModule:

Includes motion sensors, GPS inegration to track ebike’s position Internationally.

Protection and tracking using eBike Alarm, the Bosch eBike Flow App details where you last parked your ebike too for ease of finding it when parked in new or busy environments.

A dual level audible alarm for movement and removal of ebike. So if ebike is moved (for example in the process of cutting a bike lock by a would be thief) or if the ebike is moved and someone tries to cycle it away or transport it away a loud alarm will sound as a deterrent and to alert those nearby that the ebike is being stolen/tampered with.

In the event of an ebike theft the ebike’s location and the nature of the alarm will be sent to the eBike flow app for the user to know that their ebike is in peril!

Main functions within the Bosch Flow App: Activate eBike Alarm, eBike Alarm Settings, Call up information on the Connect Module, View status of eBike Alarm and tracking.

Installation details of the Bosch Connect Module: The module is wired into the motor system and is bolted to the motor to ensure removal is difficult and time consuming.

Compatibility of the Bosch Connect Module: This system is only available for Bosch Smart System eBikes. The connectors will not work with the older generation of motors and batteries. The system is only useable with the Bosch eBike Flow App available for android and Apple devices. Please note there are two versions of the Bosch Connect Module being sold to us, one is for Bosch Performance motors and cargo ebikes and the other is for Bosch Performance CX motors. Our understanding is it is to do with the fitting of the ConnectModule to the motor.

Our experience with eBike trackers has always been a positive one (see my podcast on best ways to prevent your ebike being stolen), they are brilliant deterrents to would be thieves and are a great way to track your ebike when you are away on holiday or parking in new or questionable locations. It gives you peace of mind when locking your ebike up as it is another layer of defence against theft. We highly recommend you have one fitted to your next Bosch powered Smart System eBike.

I hope this article has helped and we look forward to looking after you in store with your next eBike purchase at eBike Sussex Shoreham By Sea, West Sussex.

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