Bosch 2023 Dealer Training

We have just completed dealer training for 2023 from Bosch eBike Systems! It was a busy day with lots of new information and practical as well as theoretical learning. The main points covered were an in depth look at the Bosch Smart System, and the newest Bosch innovations of eBikes including:

Bosch Smart System Drive units (including the new limited edition Race drive unit)

Bosch Smart System Remotes and Displays (including the System controller, mini remote, LED remote, Intuvia 100, Kiox 300 and Smart Phone Grip.

Bosch Smart System eBike Flow App

Bosch Smart System Diagnostics equipment, software and servicing tools

Bosch eBike Smart Systems Batteries and Chargers,

Bosch Smart System ConnectModule Tracker and Bosch eBike ABS.

As Bosch eBike experts we ensure we have up to date training annually and always find it an informative and useful experience learning about the latest technological advances from Bosch eBike Systems. This makes us better equipped to look after our customers and to make certain we have the back up spares, diagnostics equipment, tools, knowledge and understanding for the ebikes we service and sell.

Thank you for reading my article,


eBike Sussex

Bosch eBike Experts