Bosch eBike Training 2022

We have just completed the first UK Bosch 2022 training for the new smart system! We now have the new Smart System Diagnostics Software and are certified to look after smart System Bosch powered ebikes for Warranty, Service and Repair.

The course outlined: the main goals of Bosch EBike Systems, a look at previous Bosch EBike product and diagnostics, the current systems sold and serviced, and of course the New Smart System and diagnostics and Consumer App. It was an informative day and brilliantly run by Mark Haylett and Jack Bosch eBike Systems UK.

The training course was at the Crown Plaza Hotel Conference Suite in Beaconsfield (just outside London). It was a fine venue and there was plenty of space for hands on training with the hardware required for the new smart System.

The main things you should know about the new 2022 Bosch Smart System are:

1. Completely new design with newer connectors between components. This means the cables, charger, battery, head units and motor are not backwards compatible.

2. The new smart system can be used without a mobile phone if you desire. Although it opens up new possibilities when you connect the new Kiox 300 display or your mobile phone using the new Flow app.

3. 750wh battery being released for the smart System! A huge capacity battery for even longer tours.

4. Service reminders sent to your phone as a notification if using the FLOW app.

5. A newer diagnostics system with greater connectivity to the manufacturer of the EBike when needed.

6. Minor software updates possible for consumers to perform using the app.

7. More battery percentage detail on the side controls. The LED used to only show 20% increments but now shows 10% increments of power for a more precise reading of battery capacity during a ride.

There were many more things we learned during the Training to better equip our store in looking after your Bosch ebikes!

Thank you for reading my article.


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