Raleigh Motus Tour Plus

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex Shoreham by Sea. Here is a quick look at the awesome Raleigh Motus Tour Plus. We have just had a delivery of these awesome machines. Here is a product video and some further info below.

What is the Raleigh Motus range of electric bikes?

We have sold the Raleigh Motus ebike range since 2014. Every year they improve the models in different ways, they are a brilliant example of the evolution of ebike design. They are predominantly Bosch powered machines with comfort and control at the forefront of the design. With a modern take on the Dutch style bicycle, the Raleigh Motus has an easy to mount/dismount frame style on the majority of models. The other reoccurring theme with the Raleigh Motus is the additional design features making it both a brilliant commuter electric bike and an unrivaled comfort leisure ebike.

The Raleigh Motus Tour design features and benefits:

Front suspension forks are a great way to smooth out the pot holed roads, or take the unforgiving bumps out of a ride along the river. The ‘nod to a Dutch bike’ roll back handlebars take the pressure off the wrists and this, coupled with an adjustable handlebar stem, gives a higher handlebar and more upright riding position if you need.

I like the wider step through style frame, for ease of getting on and off the bicycle. This is also ideal for stopping at traffic lights when you are commuting. The built in lights are powered by the main battery, so you don’t need to remember to charge them before a ride. They have an on/off switch on the main controls, and this gives you the freedom to switch them on in an instant when required.

Included in the bike’s spec: Mid range puncture resistant tyres, full mudguards for greater protection from puddle splash and road spray, a semi-enclosed chain guard to protect your clothes, a heavy duty kickstand, a handy pannier rack for luggage and of course as already mentioned the lights.

The Raleigh motus Tour Plus comes in a gloss blue lightweight aluminium frame, with a Bosch 400wh intube battery and brilliant Bosch Active Line Plus motor for extra torque on those hills. The controls are Bosch Purion display on the 8 speed hub gear version and a larger, easier to read Intuvia display on the 8 speed derailleur version.

The Raleigh Motus Tour Plus also has a smart head stock with cable inlets running into the head tube, this keeps the handlebars looking tidy, but also protects the cables and frame from wear. The battery is situated in the frame, and is removable with a key (you get two with the ebike that are unique to the bike). So you could bring the battery indoors for storage and to charge. For those of you lucky enough to have a radiator in the garage, there is also the capacity to charge the ebike battery whilst it is on the bike.

So there are the main points on this machine. Now you need to come and see it in the flesh! But why buy from us? Well on top of the 5 year frame guarantee, and 2 year Bosch motor, battery and electronic warranty, we also give you free labour at our store in Shoreham by sea for servicing. We are also Bosch eBike experts and have been selling Raleigh bicycles since 1948! We are by far the best qualified store in the country to look after you and your Raleigh Motus Tour Plus.

Unique to our store, we also offer you two years Aftercare servicing with your new purchase. Please contact us for details.

Please note, we only sell in store, so the ebike would be set up for yourself and with the latest software from Bosch loaded to the battery, electronics and motor. We also give a handover with each ebike when it is collected to ensure you know all the relevant points to your unique machine.

Please come and visit us so we can show you the New Raleigh Motus Tour Plus, and we hope you will become a customer of ours. We believe in delivering excellent customer service, and to treat you as we would like to be treated.

Thank you for reading my article,


eBike Sussex

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