What range can I expect on my Yamaha PW-X3 motor with 720Wh battery?

Here is a quick guide to battery range on the new Haibike electric mountain bikes with Yamaha PW-X3 motors and 720wh battery.

Please be aware that range is affected by many factors, including: weight of rider, suspension set up, ambient temperature, tyre pressures, riding style, terrain, battery age, battery capacity, component wear, power mode, rider fitness, cadence, torque on pedals, gearing etc. I have written about expected battery ranges before on our site but more related to the Bosch system.

The Sideswitch display on a brand new Yamaha PW-X3 Haibike with a 720Wh battery fitted shows the following range on the display.

eco+ 168 miles

eco 130 miles

std 85 miles

high 69 miles

expw 62 miles

I hope this helps!