Seat Suspension For Hardtail Haibike eBikes

This short article explains the reason you may wish to upgrade your seat post to a suspension one on the hardtail Haibike Electric Bike models, including the Trekking, Cross, Hardseven, Hardlife and Hardnine machines.

Haibike 2018 Cross Sduro 7.0 Bosch CX

Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex, this is a short product video to show off the 2018 Haibike Cross 7.0 Sduro (with Bosch Performance CX Motor). Please contact us for further details. The Specs can appear a little dry, so please feel free to call me to ask what the benefits of the particular components … Continue reading Haibike 2018 Cross Sduro 7.0 Bosch CX