How To Change The Time On A Yamaha Electric Bike

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex the Haibike specialists. This short guide will show you to how change the time on your Yamaha powered Haibike eBike. So next time your display battery conks out and needs replacing and you have to switch the bike back from kmph to miles per hour, or the clocks go back, you can use this guide.

Changing the time on the LCD display Yamaha eBike:

  1. With the battery and head unit fitted to the bike, but head unit switched off. Hold down the Power on and the ‘S’ button for 3 seconds approximately.
  2. The screen will flash and you can then use the ‘s’ button to switch between changing the hours/minutes¬†and changing the mph/kmph.
  3. Use the up and down arrows to change the time. Once you are happy with the time press the off button to save the values.

Changing the time on the PWX display Yamaha eBike:

So this is a little different. You switch the bike on (with the battery fitted to the frame) and hold down the select button until a menu comes up! Then scroll down using the up down arrows you usually use to change the power mode until your reach ‘Time Adj’ then click select and change the time using the arrow keys again. Once the time has been changed click the select button and the new time will be saved!


Changing the time on the Sideswitch display for Yamaha eBikes:

The sideswitch yamaha display does not have a time function! So no instructions necessary!

Thanks for reading my article, you have no excuse being late home from the pub now!


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