How To Change The Time On A Bosch Electric Bike

Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex the Bosch eBike Experts. This short guide will help you to change the time on your amazing Bosch Electric Bike when the clocks change or if your system needs recalibrating with a new time zone. We get many phone calls and emails when the clocks go forward or back so I have created this page to explain the process.

How To Change The Time On A Bosch Intuvia Display:

  1. Switch the eBike On. Ensure the headunit is already attached to the bike and the battery is also connected to the bicycle with charge in it. Wait a good 5 seconds.
  2. Hold down the ‘Reset’ and ‘I’ button on the Intuvia head unit at the same time for about 5 seconds, or until the configuration screen appears.
  3. Press the ‘I’ button until you reach the time screen.
  4. Using the controls on the handlebars press up or down until you reach the desired time. You can also click ‘I’ to change the configuration screen to set the time format, for example 24hour.
  5. Once you have set the time you can hold down the reset button to save the changes. We then recommend you switch the head unit off and wait 5 seconds for the value to be stored. Job done!

How To Change The Time On A Bosch Nyon Display:

The Bosch Nyon System automatically changes the time via the inbuilt GPS system when you are outside with a signal. This can take up to ten minutes to adjust if you are switching the bike on in a new timezone/country. You can set the Nyon’s region and display clock 12 or 24 hour format in the settings screen. When Nyon is switched on you move the joystick left and scroll down to ‘Settings’. Click Settings and then select Region/Language. Adjust the time format as appropriate. Once you have changed this you can click the ‘Home’ button on the device. Then we recommend you switch the Nyon off and wait a good 30 seconds to store the value before turning the Nyon back on.

Why Is There No Time On A Bosch Purion Display?

This is simply because the Purion display does not have an internal clock. So you cannot have trip time or the actual time displayed. This is one of the many reasons people upgrade from Purion to Intuvia or Nyon on their Bosch eBikes. We can arrange to do this for you, please contact us for details.

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