2020 Haibike HardSeven Life 3.0

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex in Shoreham By Sea. This is a quick run through on the new 2020 Haibike Hardseven Life 3.0 hardtail Yamaha electric mountain bike!


This machine has the new Yamaha SideSwitch controls and a 500wh battery. The motor is the newer Yamaha Four Sensor system to deliver enhanced power on slopes. This is a brilliant hardtail if you are looking to go up from the entry level Yamaha machine and want better gearing and brakes with the larger capacity battery. Its a good enough step up in spec from the Hardseven Life 1.0 and worth the extra money if you can afford it.


Thank you for reading my article, this is a work in progress.



(Haibike Electric Bike Nut)

eBike Sussex