2020 Haibike FullSeven Life LT 2.0

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex in Shoreham by Sea, this is a quick review on the 2020 Haibike FullSeven Life LT 2.0. An awesome eBike! This machine is powered with the new Yamaha ebike motor with four sensor technology. Basically: A speed sensor, a cadence sensor, a torque sensor and the new tilt sensor that knows when you are climbing! This gives more power delivery when you need it most and adds even more exhilaration to climbs.


We sell this model to both men and women. The important thing is the sizing to us and we can help you with sizing if you visit our store.

The LT (Long travel) of this electric mountain bike means you would have more control at higher speeds off road, especially down hill. This is because the suspension can take the extra brunt of the difficult terrain and softens the blow to you, the rider.

This article is a work in progress…


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