Bosch Electric Bike Service Reminders

So next time you get your Bosch eBike updated at your local Bosch eBike Trained Electric Bike Service Centre (hopefully at our eBike Sussex Electric Bike Store in Shoreham by Sea if you are local’ish)…

What is the eBike Service Reminder Update from Bosch?

This is such a cool update, and one that our customers have been enjoying for some years now. It is basically a service reminder and log system that is saved directly onto the motor. So when we plug your bike in for diagnostics (only possible by trained certified Bosch ebike service centres) we can add that the bike has been serviced (this helps maintain your warranty status for the bicycle, which as you know is 2 years on the battery/electronics/motor). It also means you have a tamper proof way of showing the bike has been kept in good working order with the latest updates.

The dealer can then reset the Service reminder timer for either mileage (so a reminder to service the bike in say 800 miles) or as a date in the future (for example in 3 months time). Our preferred method is to set the system for every 3-6 months as it is recommended the bike is inspected regularly and the latest software updates can really improve your user experience. Some past updates have included increase in Torque (Nm), gear advisory systems to help you choose the most efficient gears, power reduction during gear change and many more!

What happens when the Service Reminder kicks in?

It is simple! Once the date or mileage has been reached to start the service reminder program you will see the word ‘SERVICE’ across the screen when you switch the machine on. This update is for bikes with either Bosch Intuvia or Bosch Nyon, Bosch Kiox, Cobi and Smart Phone Hub head units, and once the word has flashed on the screen reminding you that the bike is due a service the normal screen resumes and you can use the bicycle as normal. This is an awesome feature that we have had for many years on cars but now you can enjoy it on your Bosch Powered Electric Bike!

With the Bosch Purion display from Bosch you will notice that it will only give service reminders based on mileage as the bike has no inbuilt time mechanism.

We often see eBikes in for servicing and software updates that have never been updated by the dealers or online stores that originally sold them to the consumer. This means the ebike has out of date software and the service system has not been set. It also means your ebike is devalued from day one more than an ebike that has a ‘log’ of the initial service saved on the motor. This makes us pretty angry as you have spent a fair amount buying your ebike in the first place and it isn’t giving you the best user experience. It also isn’t giving you the most optimised battery, motor or display. The whole idea of buying a Bosch eBike is that the software is updateable so your electric bike gets better with age.

If you are unsure whether or not your electric bike has been serviced properly from new you are welcome to come to our store and buy a service plan or alternatively just have the diagnostics system plugged into your machine and a print out of your eBike with full service history (if there is any saved on the motor). Please contact us for details.

We service and repair all brands of bicycle that use the Bosch eBike system, regardless of motor type and power level. Just contact us for details:
I am the South’s first Bosch eBike Expert and we pride ourselves on giving Excellent Service!


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