Best Ways To Prevent Your Ebike Being Stolen

Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex, here are my top tips on preventing your ebike from being stolen and to help you recover it if it is stolen.

I have had my own eBike pinched and fortunately had a Haibike eConnect Tracker fitted so was able to trace it post theft. Luckily I chose to fit the tracker the day before it was stolen! From now on i will always fit a tracker to my own eBike as standard, and recommend to others they do the same. It gives great peace of mind and if you have the Haibike eConnect fitted it also gives you trip recording capabilities with the built in gps and a special crash notification to send for help if you are in an accident. Clever stuff! The eConnect system is only available on Haibike Electric Bikes, and we are fully trained to install them in store at our eBike Sussex Haibike Dealership in Shoreham By Sea West Sussex. Many of our eBikes come already fitted with trackers, for example the whole Haibike 2020 FLYON range come with eConnect as standard!

Okay back to the tips for preventing eBike theft:


Security Code your Electric Bike!

We offer a security coding service whilst you wait. This is for the life of the eBike and can make the bike up to 10 times less likely to be stolen, and if it is stolen, more likely to get back to you. The Police recommend you get your electric bikes coded for this reason. If you purchase an electric bike from us we will extend your Aftercare Servicing period for a whole year if you get our security coding. Also all of our Aftercare Service Plans on eBikes purchased elsewhere come with Security Coding as standard. Please contact us for details.


Locks, Locks and more Locks!

My personal preference is three locks on an electric bike. This is usually split in the following way: 1st a Heavy duty D-Lock or Plate Lock that is Gold Sold Secure (an insurance rated lock of the highest rating). 2nd a lighter cable lock to put through the front wheel, through the saddle railings (if its long enough) and then around the back wheel or straight into a frame lock (like the Haibike MRS frame lock or the Raleigh Motus AXA rear wheel frame lock). Then a welded link Chain Lock either Gold or Silver Sold Secure. This may all seem like overkill but there is method to my madness. The chances of a thief stealing your eBike if you have an Insurance Rated Sold Secure Lock is much slimmer than a non rated one. Also if an opportunist thief is carrying a tool to break a bike lock it is much less likely they would have three different tools for each of the locks i have recommended (D-Lock/Plate Lock, Thick Cable and Welded Chain Locks). The reason that Sold Secure Locks are often insisted upon by Insurance Companies is that they are more difficult to break into and will buy you more time than cheaper alternative locks. We have a fantastic selection of Sold Secure Bike Locks in store, please come and visit for help with your requirements.

Lock your Electric Bike up to something immovable.

It sounds like common sense but many people lock their ebikes to their car racks or the back of a motor home and expect the bikes to be safe. A car rack is usually made of aluminium and will be quite easy to cut through, especially compared to a hardened steel lock. Also check with your insurance company to see if they have stipulations about where you can/can’t lock the electric bike as they will likely be basing their advice on previous customer experiences as they will want to limit the chances of having to pay out for the theft of your ebike in the future. Another useful tip is make sure the post you are locking the ebike to is higher than 6 foot. We have heard a few stories over the years of bicycles and their locks being lifted over posts.


Remove the eBike battery!

So your awesome electric bike comes with a 500Wh or maybe 630Wh battery? It’s locked onto the electric bike’s frame with a key unique to the bike. Why shouldn’t it be left on the machine when you leave your bike locked up at the shops? Well it will devalue your eBikes value to the thief if you take the battery with you. In fact it could devalue the electric bike by up to £800 for a Bosch battery! So our advice is take the battery (and head unit controls if they are removable like the Bosch Intuvia) with you when you lock up the ebike. Lets make the machine less desirable and of a lower value to make it less likely to be nicked! As for removing the head unit controls, if your Bosch electric bike has a KIOX fitted you can pay to access the head unit lock. This means that when you remove the head unit the electric bike will not function unless you have the exact head unit refitted to the bike. In this way the KIOX acts as a key immobiliser for the electric bike. The KIOX control system will be offered aftermarket for Bosch electric bikes, hopefully early 2020.


This article is a work in progress, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Thank you for reading my article,



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