Haibike Flyon Motor Review

The new Haibike Flyon motor, which will be fitted to various models in the Haibike range for 2019 is a going to be an interesting addition to the Haibike offering. Haibike have never shied away from innovation and their success in the Electric Bike world and long list of Red Dot design awards are testimony to their dedication in creating ground breaking products. Here is a brief introduction to the new Flyon motor and what to expect from the 2019 Haibike Flyon eBikes.

The FLYON motor integrated into Haibikes newest frames is a collaborative design from the leading satellite, aviation, medical and e-Mobility motor company TQ. The motor is exclusive to Haibike and has reconfirmed their position as market leaders in the Electric Mountain Bike market.

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So what will Haibike’s FLYON eBikes offer the rider apart from sleek looks?

  • Intuitive remote with LED display to show power mode currently being used.
  • Perfect ergonomics, the controls are situated under the handlebars for optimum thumb shifting whilst riding.
  • Clear colour display with simple information at a glance.
  •  Transflective display can be read in all light conditions.
  • Four changeable screens for more in depth system information and current ride data.
  • Pulse measurement, cadence, calorie consumption can be displayed (third party heart rate monitor required) to enhance your training.
  • New Haibike Carbon frame designed around the FLYON motor
  • Twin Tail light and new 5,000 lumen Front head light compatibility
  • Up to 120Nm of torque!
  • 500% power assistance
  • Better cable routing, integrated for cleaner looks and less corrosion.
  • Special larger 42 and 38T chain ring for optimum cadence and power transmission.
  • Haibike Intube battery offering 630Wh of battery Capacity
  • Battery charges 80% battery charge in 60minutes.
  • Integrated speed sensor in rear disc for more precise speed display to allow for quicker power delivery from standstill.

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