Bosch eBike Info Centre

Exciting news from eBike Sussex in Shoreham! We are the first UK Electric Bike Shop to have the Bosch Info Centre in store! With only 5 specially made for the UK we are proud to have one in store for our customers. It is a colour touch screen system that is packed with product information and even gives you a weather update for the local area so you can plan your ride.

The Info Centre has a multitude of features and is jam packed with information for customers. For example it has a ‘Range Pilot Calculator’ to help you calculate your expected battery range based on your weight, bike style, battery capacity, motor, terrain and ride conditions.

It also has the latest information about Bosch product, for example the new Kiox colour screen system for 2019, and the ‘Fast Charger’. There are also a multitude of videos promoting electric bikes, eMountain bike brand ambassador videos and info films for example an explanation of Bosch’s intuitive eMTB power mode.

We are open 7 days a week 9-2pm, so please feel free to visit and have a go on this invaluable FREE resource for eBikers.