New Raleigh Motus Grand Tour With Bosch Activeline Plus

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex in Shoreham By Sea the Bosch eBike Experts. The day has finally arrived! The New range of Raleigh Motus eBikes is here. This popular model is now empowered by the newest gen3 motor from Bosch eBike Systems, the ActiveLine Plus. If you buy from our store you will get 2 years Aftercare servicing worth up to £750 FREE with the eBike. Please contact us for details.

So what is the Activeline Plus Bosch Motor?

The Maximum torque of the Active Line Plus motor is now 50Nm compared to the standard Active Line Bosch motor that sits at a max of 40Nm. So More Powerful… This means your overall ‘mixed’ battery range is 10km less with the new motor. Pretty impressive for that much of a power increase.

The motor is slightly heavier than the standard Active Line, but we are talking three hundred grams, this was necessary to make the motor much quieter and less resistance when pedalling above 25kmh (15.2mph).

You will also notice the chainring is much larger. This means there are less internal moving parts because the motor doesn’t have to ‘gear up’ by 2 1/2 times like the other motors in Bosch’s range. The spline fit for the chainring is also smaller now. So the eBikes look and feel more like conventional bikes when you ride, but with power when you need it of course.

Raleigh Motus Grand Tour Info

The New features of the Raleigh Motus Grand Tour are at first quite obvious. The battery is a frame mount, cleverly clipped to the seat tube part of the lightweight alloy frame. This gives a better centre of gravity and will enhance the rider’s balance.

8 Speed Nexus Hub gears are fitted to the hub version (all models are available in a range of colour, frame size, frame styles, wheel size and gear options). We have never been so spoiled for choice. The Hub gears are our preferred system because you can stop on a hill in a harder gear and with the flick of your wrist change to the lighter gears without needing to pedal. You can therefore always start your journey in a lighter gear. This gives you more control, is easier and will reduce chain stretch!

The Front and rear built-in light system is wired to the battery (a feature of the previous Motus models). However the rear light is actually cleverly built into the pannier rack to reduce the likelihood of it breaking off or being caught. It resembles some of the rear led lights found on modern car tail lights. Cool!

The brakes are hydraulic, this means they are powerful, so safe braking with minimal effort.  Much needed for electric bikes as there is more momentum behind the bike and with the boost of the electric power you will find you will be breaking from a faster speed and therefore requiring more braking power to stop safely.

The handlebar stem is adjustable so you can raise it to have even less pressure on your wrists and shoulders.

Most of our customers will upgrade the saddle to a medical grade gel saddle (available in store) and sealed bearing non slip pedals (also available in store). The tyres can be upgraded to a puncture protected version for an additional cost too. The customers that get this aftermarket upgrade get a longer battery range and less punctures (win/win!)

The Raleigh Motus Grand Tour comes with a 5 year Frame guarantee, 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee on the battery, electronics and motor and 12 months on the other components. Also as previously mentioned, if you buy from us we will give you 2 Years Aftercare at our store.

For any further info about this model or others in Raleigh’s Electric Bike Range please visit us in store. We are Open 7 Days a Week 9-2pm.

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