Bosch Nyon Soft Reset Troubleshooting


Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex the South’s first Bosch eBike Experts! Are you out on a ride? Got an issue with your Nyon? Perhaps the screen is flashing on and off or its shutting down erratically. This fix may help.

  • Remove the Nyon from the eBike. Place the Nyon on a flat surface with the screen facing upwards. Now hold down all four buttons simultaneously for 30 seconds (Power, Home, Joystick, Light Button). This ‘soft resets’ the Bosch Nyon. Once it has reset, you should switch it off – give it a good 30 seconds once it is switched off. Then attach to the eBike and give the Nyon plenty of time to start up.
  • The Nyon may have a low internal battery. Have you plugged it into a mains usb charger for 4 hours in the last month?
  • Is the head unit connected correctly to the eBike? If the 0.0mph is not shown on the screen you may find the head unit controls are not talking to the battery and motor on the eBike.
  • Is your Nyon up to date? We can update the software in store as part of a service or you can use the ‘wifi’ connection at home to update software. Make sure you have over 85% internal battery before updating the software on the Nyon and also it is very important you do not interrupt the software update! So only update if you have plenty of time to complete it.
  • The Nyon also has a factory reset (check out the ‘settings’ screen). This isn’t recommended though unless you have tried everything else.
  • Finally – I personally take an Intuvia with me as a back-up. That way if I accidentally damage my Nyon on a ride I can still ride home with some power by fitting the back-up Intuvia in it’s place!
  • Actually one more last thing! If your Nyon is still playing up you should get us to look at your electric bike. Please come with the eBike, the battery fully charged and any additional head units you may have. Oh and don’t forget the keys!

Thank you for reading my article. Please contact us if you would like your Bosch Nyon and/or eBike serviced and software updated. We also sell service plans to those that did not buy their eBikes from us originally. Call for details.


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