Handlebar Stem Raisers For Electric Bikes


Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex the Electric Bike Specialists in Shoreham West Sussex. We pride ourselves on being the oldest eBike shop in the country still trading.

We often get customers asking us if they can raise the handlebars on their beloved electric bike. There are two types of handlebar stem fitted to electric bikes and thankfully we have a way of getting either of them higher. Either through adjustment, or using an adjustable handlebar stem or a stem raiser.

In general this can adjust the handlebars up to four inches higher than the factory height. Please visit our Electric Bike Showroom Open 7 Days A Week so we can tell you which method will most suit your eBike and personal needs.

Having a stem raiser fitted to your Electric Bike for example can reduce the pressure on your wrists and shoulders, bring your back into a more vertical position and reduces the likelihood of getting a ‘crink’ in the neck from looking up and ahead whilst riding. We find many of our electric mountain bike as well as trekking customers benefit from stem raisers, especially if they are riding mixed road and light off-road terrain.

Thanks for reading my article, please visit our store with your specific eBike so we can explain which raiser is compatible for your individual needs.


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