Expected Bosch eBike Battery Lifespan?

Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex, the South’s First Bosch eBike Experts. I often get asked what the expected lifespan of a Bosch Electric Bike Battery. In our experience selling Bosch Electric Bikes since 2013 we have noticed the batteries are extremely resilient and unlikely to need replacing unless they are neglected or mistreated. This short guide will give you some helpful tips on keeping your eBike battery lasting longer.

Looking after an eBike battery is similar to caring for a house plant. If you want it to last for years you need to care for it! We have FREE Bosch eBike battery guides available in store, please visit us for your copy.

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Factors that shorten the service life:

  • Heavy use
  • Storage above 30°C ambient temperature
  • Long-term storage fully charged or fully drained
  • Parking the eBike in direct sunlight
  • Using dongles on your ebike to affect the total speed
  • High humidity
  • Being over zealous with the hose during cleaning. Please remove the battery during cleaning
  • Excessive use in torrential rain or riding through deep puddles

Factors that have a positive impact on service life:

  • Minimal use (That means for example if you ride 35 miles each way every day we would recommend you have a secondary battery that you alternate use of so you don’t over work a single battery in a short period of time).
  • Storage at a temperature between 0 and 20°C
  • Storage at approx. 30 to 60% charge status – this is important if you are not using your eBike for some time. It is not advised to store the battery with zero charge.

 Bosch eBike Battery Technical Details

PowerPack 300 PowerPack 400 PowerPack 500 PowerTube 500
Mounting type Frame battery Rack battery Frame battery Rack battery Frame battery Rack battery In frame: Horizontal / vertical
Voltage 36 V 36 V 36 V 36 V
Capacity 8.2 Ah 11.0 Ah 13.4 Ah 13.4 Ah
Energy content approx. 300 Wh 400 Wh 500 Wh 500 Wh
Weight approx.
Frame batt:
Rack batt:
2.5 kg
2.6 kg
2.5 kg
2.6 kg
2.6 kg
2.7 kg
2.8 kg
Size of
frame batt:
Rack batt:
325 x 92 x 90 mm
372 x 122 x 80 mm
325 x 92 x 90 mm
372 x 122 x 80 mm
325 x 92 x 90 mm
372 x 122 x 80 mm
349 x 84 x 65 mm
Compatible with DualBattery no yes yes yes

Thank you for reading my article, for more info please visit Bosch eBike Systems website. It is rich with information about your amazing Bosch Electric Bike! We have full Bosch battery diagnostics equipment in store. Contact us for details.


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