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Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex, the Electric Mountain Bike Specialists. This short article will give you some help choosing the right eMountain biking kit. The following products are suggestions to suit riders looking to explore off-road terrain and at the same time remain safe, especially if you fall off! I personally wear a lot of protective gear when I ride my eMTB on the South Downs. I don’t mind if I look like a transformer with the elbow guards, knee guards, full face helmet and body armour. The thing is I don’t want to have time off work if I come off and break something! So I don’t mind wearing all the gear even on tamer rides. I’m used to it now and it feels safer and more comfortable wearing it than not. It is also a big confidence booster knowing you will hurt yourself less with extra protection on your body. The products in the list below are all available in store at eBike Sussex. Please visit us, we are Open 7 Days A Week with FREE Parking!

  • Full Face Helmet – If you want to keep your teeth then this is a great way to save your jaw from impact.
  • Clear Lens Glasses – you are more likely to get an eye injury than a head injury riding a bike. Stop getting sheep poop in your eyes, or morning dew flicking off the front tyre. These glasses will prevent your eyes streaming on windier days too!
  • Body Armour – The handlebars can hurt if they jab into your ribs during a fall. Protect from cracked ribs and other injury with front and back body armour, it sits on top of your clothing.
  • Elbow Guards – Coming off and landing on your elbows is painful and can take a long time to heal. These guards will help if the tyre slips from under you in muddier riding conditions.
  • Knee and Shin Guards – Those amazing non slip pedals are sharp if you are walking along with your eBike. Shin protectors or long mtb socks can reduce the likelihood you cut into your shin. As for knee guards, they come highly recommended if you are concerned about impacting your knee’s in a crash.
  • Long MTB socks – These can prevent brambles and nettles from stinging your ankles! Also they act as an extra layer for your shins, always worth putting on a pair for a ride. In winter two pairs!
  • Full Finger Gloves With Protective Knuckles – Your hands are exposed if you don’t wear gloves. These full finger gloves will offer the ultimate protection if you come off your eBike and are unlucky enough to scrape your knuckles on rough ground. They are bike specific so are grippy on your brake levers and are designed to add some extra comfort on longer rides.
  • Baggy Cycling Shorts – Comfy and
  • T-Shirt or long sleeve T – Comfortable and shouldn’t cause nipple rash on longer rides.
  • If it’s cold – Hoody, Base Layer, Waterproof jacket, Yowie scarf
  • Rugged Trainers with good grip – I personally like Karimoor trainers as they are cheap £40ish and can be used for walking too.

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Thanks for reading my article, feel free to visit our store in Shoreham By Sea, West Sussex to see our current range of eBike Clothing and Protective Gear!


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