Electric Bike Security Coding

Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex the Electric Bike Specialists! We know you love your eBike, and we know you may be worried about it being stolen.

Well we have a proven system that can reduce the likelihood of your Electric Bike being stolen, and if it is stolen it is much more likely to get back to you. What is this system?

eBike Security Coding – How It Works

We take the Electric Bike’s unique chassis number and put a tamper resistant transfer onto your eBike with a unique PIN number. These two details go in conjunction with your owner details on a secure database. The tamper resistant transfer acts as a visual deterrent for thieves. They would have to damage the eBike’s paint work to remove it (and therefore devalue the bike). Also a thief will be uncertain if the security coding is a tracking device or similar so they are more likely to steal the eBike next to yours that has NOT been Security coded. Statistics say that your bicycle is 10 times less likely to be stolen if it is Security Coded.

Protect Your eBike From Theft!

Security coding your bicycle is endorsed by Police forces across the country. So you may have your eBike stolen, and it could be recovered. But what is linking that recovered Electric Bike to you the owner?

Our security coding system has been fitted to over 20,000 bicycles.

For all of our Electric Bike Customers we will give you an Extra Years Aftercare Servicing Worth £375 if you get your eBike Security Coded using our system.

It takes 5 minutes to register your eBike and 24 hours to cure the tamper resistant transfer to the bike’s frame. Contact us to book your eBike in to get it protected with our Security Coding System.

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