Troubleshooting Bosch Electric Bikes


Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex the South’s First Bosch eBike Experts. This article will help you if your eBike is playing up. These are a few preliminary things you should try before calling us for a diagnostics report on your Bosch Electric bike. This will ultimately save time when checking your machine.

  1. Is the head unit correctly fitted and has it recently been charged via usb in a mains charger for 4 hours? Put a small amount of Vaseline on the connections between the head unit and the control mount interface. Wipe off excess.
  2. Is the battery fully charged and have you checked to ensure it is clipped in properly and the contacts are clean and corrosion free? Put a small amount of Vaseline on the motor to battery connector interface. XClean away excess. If you have another battery does the fault still occur with it fitted? With the battery off the bike, hold down the battery power ‘on’ button and keep it held for 30 seconds to ‘soft reset’ the battery.
  3. If you are using a Bosch Nyon system, have you first tried a ‘soft reset’. This is when the Nyon is off the bike and switched off. You hold down all buttons including the joystick simultaneously and keep them pressed for 30 seconds. Then switch off after 30 seconds or so and connect back to bike. Give the system plenty of time to register.
  4. Have you had your eBike serviced recently? Is the software up to date? If you purchased from an Electric Bike Shop that don’t know how to service and update the eBike’s software you may be riding a bicycle that has never had the latest Bosch eBike System loaded. Check with your local Bosch eBike Experts (Like Ourselves) to confirm.
  5. Have you been through any large puddles or heavy torrential rain? Is it extremely hot or cold? Have you been using a hose or cleaning sprayer too harshly on the ebike? Check for outside factors that could have caused interference with the system. For example salt corrosion on the terminals from riding the eBike down the beach.
  6. Is the speed sensor magnet tight and facing the right way. Is it also travelling past the correct part of the Bosch Speed Sensor on the rear stay? If you are not sure what this means please bring the electric bike to our store or call me so I can explain! Is the speed registering when you have the bike switched on and the rear wheel is turning?

These are just a few things worth checking before coming down, but please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your Bosch eBike. Thank you for reading my article.


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