Supplying Electric Bikes To Sussex Police


Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex. We supply Sussex Police with Electric Haibike Trekking Bikes to allow them to quickly cover more ground when patrolling. The bikes are specially set up to have more puncture protection, additional mobile phone charging capabilities, extra locking devices fitted to the frames and to have special non slip alloy pedals for extra grip! Contact us to find out how to upgrade your Electric Bike with these features.

We have a long history of supplying serving police officers with bicycles and electric bicycles. We also offer Police and their Friends and Family Discounts on Bike Servicing. We are proud to be able to enhance the Police force and enable them to carry out their duties in a more cost effective and carbon neutral fashion.

The most recent eBikes we have supplied are the 2018 Haibike Trekking 7.0. These are fantastic Bosch Performance CX powered machines with whopping 500wh batteries and the Bosch Intuvia Head units and controls. These electric bikes are capable of achieving ranges up to 137miles on a single charge! The Trekking 7.0 is the perfect electric bike for active duty and we hope it will keep the Sussex Police force at the forefront of UK policing. As with all of our Bosch Electric Bikes the machines take software updates to improve their functions and optimise the motor and battery power. So this product will not ‘go out of date’ like most products. Instead it will improve with age as Bosch deliver more software updates and backwards compatible hardware upgrades.

We are very excited about supplying to Sussex Police and we hope that Police Electric Bikes become a more prevalent sight in Sussex over the coming years.   Keep your eyes peeled for Sussex Police riding our awesome Electric Bikes!


eBike Sussex

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