Gel Saddles For eBikes


Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex the Electric Bike Specialists. We have been selling eBikes since 1996 and have tried hundreds of different products for making your ride more comfortable. One of the main upgrades our customers ask for on their electric bikes is a gel saddle. As with all things, there are a range of styles and types of gel saddle. We have arrived at a range of nine gel saddles that we always hold in stock and can fit whilst you wait.

All of our gel saddles use medical grade gel, guaranteed never to crystalize or harden with age. They make the three pressure points when you sit down into one pressure point. This spreads the load and ultimately reduces the pressure when you are on the saddle. In most cases it means you won’t need additional cycling specific shorts. That’s right, you can wear normal sports wear when riding. Phew…

The gel saddles we supply have a protective coating to reflect more of the sun’s rays to keep it cooler. It also doesn’t change consistency once it has warmed up to your body temperature. So it is as comfy when you first sit on the saddle as it is an hour into a ride.

Here is some help with choosing the right gel saddle for your electric bike:

First we need to know the riding position you prefer. So are you an upright rider or do you prefer to be leaning forwards in a prone position? If your bicycle has a relaxed riding position you should have a straighter more vertical back when you ride and if it is a sportier machine it is more likely you will be leaning forwards more.

As a general rule of thumb, the more upright you are the wider the saddle should be because you will have more surface area in contact with the saddle. So For relaxed geometry bikes or machines where we have raised the handlebars using stem raisers we recommend you have a wider gel saddle.

The opposite is true of eMountain bikes designed for sportier riding styles. For these electric bikes we recommend a thinner gel saddle as it will reduce inner leg chafing. I use one of these saddles on my own electric mountain bike and find it increases my comfort on longer off-road rides.

If you would like us to help you choose the right gel saddle for your electric bike we are open 7 days a week 9am-2pm with ample FREE parking. We can chat with you about your requirements and fit the new gel seat whilst you wait.  Our gel saddles start at £59 and go up to £94.50 approximately. Call us Tel 01273 596368 to arrange a day to make your eBike more comfy!

Thank you for reading my article, I look forward to seeing you soon.


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