Electric Bike Maintenance Guide

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex, here is a short guide to caring for your new electric bike. This is just a general guide I’ve put together after years of building, servicing and repairing electric bikes at my family bike shop in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex.

Most of our customers bring their eBikes in for servicing regularly to ensure the bike is well maintained and any wear and tear is picked up quickly. Ultimately you get a better rider experience if you care for your eBike and let us check her over at regular intervals. It is also a great opportunity for you to see the latest products in store and for us to update the software on your electric bike where necessary.

Don’t forget we service ALL Makes of Electric Bike.

We are open 7 days a week 9-2pm and have ample FREE parking.

  1. Check tyre pressures every 2-4 weeks as per tyre manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Bring the battery indoors when you can, it will acclimatise the battery to room temperature (helping it charge to a fuller capacity) and will give your battery more longevity. If this isn’t possible then invest in a battery cover. This will reduce the likelihood of impacting your battery and damaging the outer casing (invalidating warranty) and will give you a better range in colder conditions. We have battery covers in store many electric battery types.
  3. Cover the battery frame contact points when the battery is removed for cleaning the bike. You can also protect the battery terminal points with a waterproof grease or Vaseline.
  4. If you have a detachable head unit like the Bosch Nyon or Intuvia then charge the head unit once a month in a mains usb charger for 4 hours approx. Contact us for details.
  5. Use a drip on all purpose bike lube or a wet lube or dry lube where appropriate after cleaning or after you have cycled in wet conditions. The drive chain will wear less if it is well lubricated. Always wipe the excess oil off with a rag afterwards.
  6. Regularly get your electric bike serviced. If you have purchased the ebike from us you will have two years Aftercare Servicing included in the purchase price. If you didn’t buy from us please contact us for a service plan quote. We are here to help!
  7.  When cleaning the ebike please do not use a pressure washer and avoid spraying around the bearing areas (pedals, motor, wheel axle, headset, suspension pivot points, suspension seals etc….). We have a range of ebike friendly cleaning fluids and brushes available in store. Add them to your Birthday or Christmas list!
  8. Always follow the instructions for your specific eBike manufacturer and component manufacturer regarding servicing and regular maintenance. It’s great bedtime reading!

Thanks for reading my article, please contact me if you have any questions regarding caring for your eBike.


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