eBike Suspension Set Up

Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex, just wanted to give you a little advice about Electric Bike Suspension Systems and their set-up. Of course if you buy from our Electric Bike Shop in West Sussex we will take your rider weight when you buy your electric bike and set the suspension up accordingly. The same goes for those that bring their eBikes (purchased elsewhere sometimes) in for servicing. We are here to help!

If you don’t get your suspension set up properly from new it can be extremely dangerous out on the trail. Imagine travelling over a pothole at high speed and the forks are too soft and have too much rebound. You could throw yourself off the bike. The same goes for too firm and unmoving. Those shocks will be absorbed by your body. For the ultimate safety and control of your eBike it is recommended your suspension be set up properly for you as an individual. This is one of the many reasons people buy their electric bikes from us! Not to mention your increased comfort when riding. If the bike is absorbing shocks of the terrain then your body isn’t taking those knocks and shocks.

ebike suspension set up 1

What if I want to set up my electric bike suspension myself? So you will need a shock pump first of all if you want to adjust the suspension system yourself. We also recommend you visit the suspension fork or rear shock manufacturer’s website for the most up to date set up guide. READ IT CAREFULLY BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ON THE BIKE! Often the suspension manufacturer will have an id code on the suspension system (please note this is different between all models and will be different between your font and back suspension systems). So once you have read the suppliers guide for setting up sag, compression and rebound carry out their instructions to the letter. Then test the eBike in a safe area before going all nuts off-road on her.

If you are unsure about how to adjust your suspension system please bring the Electric Bike to us and get us to do it! Just drop your bike off for one of it’s free services or buy a service plan with us if necessary.

Hope you enjoyed reading this short guide.


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