Lost Your eBike Keys?

Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex the Electric Bike Specialists. So you have lost your eBike Keys?! Oh dear! How will you remove the battery to charge it indoors? What about the electric bike shop where you purchased the bike, what will they do when they need to service the bike next? This article should help you resolve the issue of losing your electric bike keys:

First did you get two keys when you purchased the bike? If yes, then check where you left the second key, it’s likely to be in the charger box or with your original receipt. Or that random key draw every home has. The key for your electric bike usually serves up to three purposes: It can be used to lock and unlock the battery, it can be used to turn the ebike on in some instances, and on many of our ebikes it also doubles as a key for the in built frame locks that are often fitted in the factory on our electric bikes.

Next: If you have a Bosch eBike the key number will have been saved onto your motor if the bike shop you purchased from has their head screwed on! That’s right, Bosch have given a special memory slot on the motor to save the key number of an electric bike to enable dealers to recite the unique key number in the event of you losing both of your keys.

If you already have one key but want a spare one cut you can visit Abus or Trelock’s website and use their handy ‘get a key cut’ feature. You will just need to know the key number which is stamped on all the Abus and Trelock Electric Bike Keys at point of manufacture. It can be handy to write this number down on your original receipt for the ebike to make sure you have a copy of the number handy in the event your keys get taken by the key goblin.

Finally if your electric bike uses a key unique to the bike manufacturer then you should contact a dealer that specialise in selling that specific electric bike and ask their advice.

If necessary we can cut locks off bikes and refit new barrels and keys. The charge for this is usually £100-£150depending on the system fitted. Please contact us for details.

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