Why You Shouldn’t Buy An Electric Bike Online

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex. We often have customers telling us they can get the bike online for a small discount off our in store price. This is a false economy exercise and the bikes sent via courier are dangerous to ride unless they have been checked over and fully serviced post transit. Here are a few important reasons you should buy your next electric bike in store at a reputable electric bike shop like ourselves and not online to ‘save a few quid’.

  •  When you ship a bike by courier the bike will be knocked about in transit and crammed onto a truck, then a delivery van packed with other parcels. The gear hanger (the part that holds the gears derailleur system to the frame of the bike) can get knocked and bent. This will mean your gears are out of alignment and will not be smooth unless you replace the dropout. The use of 10 and 11 speed gear systems means that a slight bend of the dropout can cause major gear shift errors. This includes the likelihood of the chain and derailleur going into the rear spokes and damaging the wheel, locking the gearing system and in extreme cases snapping the chain and causing £100’s worth of damage. Do not listen to companies purporting to being able to ship a fully serviced bicycle, especially an electric bicycle. You really should not ship the bike unless it is going to be fully serviced when it arrives at its final destination.
  • Hydraulic brakes also do not work well if the lever has been impacted in transit, you can lose fluid. We have also seen situations where bikes have arrived ‘upside down’ to the customer and the brakes have failed once the bike has been turned upright due to air bubbles in the system. This is a serious situation that can occur from factory fitted brakes. So buyer beware of electric bikes sent via courier.
  • The unseen damage to your beautiful discounted internet purchase is the main reason we do not advocate buying an electric bike online. In transit the crank arms can be impacted (through the delivery vehicle turning right and left). This can damage the sealed bearings within the motor and can cause issues further down the line. It can also loosen the crank arms and can cause spline damage unless the bike is fully serviced and checked before your first ride.
  • Finally The ebike software is often not up to date and/or the service reminder set from day one. So that internet bought ebike is out of date from day one and potentially harbours factory error codes that have never been cleared down or rectified. Bosch eBike Systems have a special dealer system to update software on ebikes in store at Bosch trained electric bike specialists like ourselves.
  • Incorrect set up of suspension systems for your rider weight and riding style. The factory set up for air suspension forks and shock systems needs to be checked and set up for the rider and terrain being encountered before your first ride. This is not done on in the factory for you as the manufacturers don’t know who is buying the bike. This can make you lose control when riding as the bike suspension is unable to safely take the shocks of the terrain. On a side not it can also have a negative effect on rider comfort. Suspension systems must be set up for the individual’s rider weight before your maiden voyage.
  • All bikes purchased in store from us will come fully assembled, serviced, with the latest software updates, set up to you as a rider and with 2 years Aftercare Servicing Worth £750. If you have made the mistake of buying an electric bike online you can get us to build and service the ebike and buy a service plan from us. Please contact us for details. We want you to have the best electric bike experience!

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to visit our store 9-2pm 7 days week.


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