Car Racks and eBikes

Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex the Electric Bike Specialists. This short article will hopefully help you choose the right car rack to mount your ebikes to your vehicle! Our Car racks start at £299 including fitting and go up to £399 approximately.

So first things first, why do you need a car rack to transport your electric bike? I mean your boots is big enough isn’t it? Well that beautiful Haibike eMountain Bike you purchased is not likely to appreciate being thrown in the back of a car for a few reasons.

As you can see from this article’s photo, I am one of those terrible people that will throw their muddy eMTB into the back of their car with the seats down. But even a seasoned car-boot-ebiker will knock their head unit controls or scratch the forks, maybe even bash the pedals. Well it’s an electric mountain bike, surely it can take the knocks? Actually it won’t fair well being knocked on the boot door.

If you have no choice but to transport your electric bike inside a car here are a few pointers before I go all eBike Car Rack on you:

  • Remove the battery and head unit before lifting to put your beloved eBike in the vehicle.
  • Have ready a blanket you don’t mind getting oil on to protect your car interior and a small cardboard box (shoe box size, or even better eBike battery transport box size). The box can rest between the pedal arm and the floor of the vehicle to stop the pedals from touching the floor and damaging your super expensive and awesome crank drive electric bike motor system.
  • Make sure you have brake pad spacers so if you remove the wheels the disc pads won’t lock on if you accidentally pull the brake lever.
  • If you remove the rear wheel, do so with the gears on the highest gear (smallest cog on the rear) and smallest cog on the front chain ring if your bicycle has a chainset system. Also flick the clutch mechanism switch away from the ‘on’ position if your system uses Shimano’s clever clutch derailleur system (more on that another day!)
  • Always ensure the gear mechanism is pointing up in the air so it won’t be rested on in the vehicle.

OKAY… So that was the naughty way to transport your eBike. Here is the proper way:


We have two main electric bike specific products, they are both in stock at our store and they have two different fittings. One is a towball fit rack with additional number plate and lights. This system is very quick to fit, and will take two electric bikes of almost any size and shape.  It is a gutter system for the wheels and an arm to securely hold the bicycle. We can check the compatibility of our car racks with your vehicle and can demonstrate how it will fit to your vehicle. The racks in general will take a 45kg weight limit which is roughly two of our electric bikes with the batteries removed (Yes this is very important! Always remove the batteries during transport).

The other style of car rack we have fits onto the boot door using 6 straps and some nifty adapters if your rear windscreen glass goes to the edge of the door. Once again I can check compatibility with your vehicle, just call me to arrange a time/day. This rack also uses the guttering system for the wheels and an arm system to hold the bikes. However the difference is this model does not require a towball to be fitted to the car. It will also accept up to 45kg weight. It does not have a separate number plate and light board as in our experience the system does not obscure the lights and number plate of most vehicles. We do however recommend you check yourselves to see if you will need to buy one. This rack is great because it fits onto 99% of vehicles and will adapt to fit many styles of back end of vehicle: saloon, estate, transit, coupe etc.

The arms are adjustable on both racks and we also sell an upgraded ratchet arm that can secure your eBike even if it has a strange frame shape. We think you will be impressed with our electric bike car racks and it is worth visiting us for help with a car rack. Call in advance but a general time that is good for us to view your vehicle, advise on a car rack and demonstrate fitting is a Saturday morning.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope you consider us when buying your next car rack for your electric bikes.


eBike Sussex

Electric Bike Specialists