Seat Suspension For Hardtail Haibike eBikes

Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex, we have just taken delivery of a great product to improve the comfort of your hardtail electric mountain bike! The Haibike seat tube is particularly fat, and only the precise fitting seat pin diameter will fit. So we have sourced some seat suspension posts that will dampen the shock absorbed in your lower back whilst riding a hardtail Haibike.

The seat suspension can be adjusted for your rider pre-load weight within a set range. They are tough but light and can make much bumpier trails and paths smoother for your backside and back!

Hardtail means the back end of the bike is rigid. These suspension posts will work with Haibike Cross, Trekking, Hardseven, Hardlife and Hardnine machines. We also recommend upgrading to a premium gel saddle, these items can be fitted whilst you wait.

Please visit us in store for more details and to buy. We are Open 7 days a week 9-2pm and have FREE parking. We are here to help you improve your eBike experience.


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