Why Upgrading Your eBike Pedals Is Essential

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex. If you have had the opportunity to visit my store you will know we are always looking to improve your and my eBike experience. This article will briefly explain the benefits of upgrading your electric bike’s pedals to a flat pedal with extra grip and sealed bearings. These pedals are available in store and we can fit them whilst you wait! If you buy the pedal upgrade at the time of buying your new electric bike from us we will also give you a discount to keep your old pedals.

So first things first, the main point of contact between you and your ebike is the pedals! That’s right, you can be standing up on the pedals, with your bottom off the seat as you travel down a hill for example. You will usually dig your heels into the pedal and put your body weight over the back tyre, so you have more control and are less likely to go over the handlebars. It also means that if you pulled on both of your brakes you are less likely to skid the bike is your body weight is over the back tyre. So this is all only possible if you have a grippy pedal with a wide pin distribution so your shoes grip hard to the pedal. If the above paragraph seems confusing at first I would recommend you get on eMTB Coaching’s course where you will be shown the basics of controlling your ebike off-road.

The non slip, sealed bearing pedals we sell are solid, they are a wide platform so also useful if you have wide or longer feet. The pins are replaceable if you wear them down, although they seem to stand up to years of use. The bearings being sealed mean the pedal turns smoothly and doesn’t feel gravelly or wobbly.

If you pop into our store we can demonstrate the sealed bearing, non-slip flat pedal so you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about. It will give you much more confidence knowing your feet won’t slip in wet and muddy conditions. It will feel like your feet are ‘clipped in’ but they are not, so you can still put your feet down when you need to.

I get a little overexcited talking about flat pedals because they genuinely make your ride better and safer and it is noticeable by every rider, no matter your experience.

Many people ask why the ebikes don’t come with these pedals as standard, and it is for a multitude of reasons including to save weight on factory spec sheets and because people can be quite particular about the pedals they fit to a bike. It just so happens the pedal we sell are a great all rounder. So we sell them to eMountain Bikers as well as electric bike commuters. Everyone can benefit from a safer, higher quality pedal with optimum grip.

Thanks for reading my article on electric bike pedals,


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