Puncture Proofing Your Electric Bike


Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex, this short guide will explain the many ways you can avoid punctures on your electric bike. We can supply and fit a range of puncture preventative products at our eBike Sussex store in Shoreham by Sea. We are open 7 days a week and have FREE parking. Call in for information  on puncture prevention and your specific eBike.

  1. We can fit a puncture resistant tyre like our top level electric bike specific ones available in all sizes in store. This will prevent the majority of punctures because the special reinforced band built into the tyre will stop the thorn, glass, flint etc from penetrating the tyre and splitting the inner tube. These tyres are our preferred method of puncture prevention on city and trekking electric bikes. The last thing you want is a puncture on an eBike roadside. Considering the additional weight of an electric bike and the various motor systems it isn’t easy to do without a repair stand.
  2. We also advocate puncture resealing  technology in the ebike’s inner tube. This can be specially pumped into certain tubes and is guaranteed to reseal  punctures up to 1/8 inch multiple times for two years! Some of our customers do this as well as upgrading the tyres. It just depends how prepared you want to be. I prefer this system of puncture prevention on my electric mountain bike (eMTB) as it reseals as I ride along so I don’t even know I’ve had the puncture in most instances. I remember the last puncture I had out at Beachy Head the tyre went completely flat in a split second and upon further inspection I could see my inner tube had previously being punctured six times before but the hole had sealed itself with the help of the puncture fluid. Awesome! With the introduction of plus size tyres we can now adapt this resealing technology to suit all inner tube sizes. Ask in store for details.
  3. Reinforced tyre bands that fit between the tyre and the inner tube are a less known method of preventing sharp foreign objects from getting to your inner tube. They can sometimes pinch the inner tube and cause a flat that way, they can also slip if you run lower tyre pressures. For this reason we don’t normally recommend them as a particularly effective puncture preventive.
  4. Stop riding off the beaten track! The brambles, thorns etc that normally cause punctures are often on the edge of the path. Try and stick to the part of the trail you can see clearly if you want to reduce your likelihood of getting a puncture.
  5. Tubeless? Where shall we start with this one! I don’t personally advise you go tubeless on an ebike. I can’t stand the burping fluid when cornering and the need for a compressor when pumping them. It’s a faff I would rather do without. Also if the tyre itself is punctured you will still need an inner tube to get home. In my opinion it’s far easier to just use an inner tube with a resealing puncture technology.
  6. Check your tyre pressures regularly! The manufacturer’s recommend every 2-4 weeks, do not over inflate or run your tyres under inflated. You are more prone to getting punctures and/or pinch flats. Our general rule of thumb is 10psi lower than the max tyre pressure, but this is dependent on load and terrain you are exploring. The same goes for min tyre pressure, we normally recommend 10psi higher than that.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope you pack a spare tube, get ya home pump, tyre levers, puncture repair kit and beer/ice cream money on every ride.


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