Haibike Electric Bikes And Suspension Travel Why The Fuss?

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex the Electric Mountain Bike Specialists. This guide will give you a bit of a heads up on ebike suspension systems and the reason we prefer you to always have as much travel as you can afford! The travel is referring to the amount of movement in the suspension forks and rear shock when you ride. In general the more travel the faster you can go with more comfort and safety.

We often get told by seasoned mountain bikers, that are looking to upgrade to an electric mountain bike, that they “currently ride a hardtail” (just front suspension mountain bike) with 100mm travel, and wish to get the same style of electric mountain bike. Our advice is normally to spend a little more money and get a full suspension electric mountain bike to cope with the added weight and handling needs of the machine. 100mm travel goes a long way on a standard bicycle but not as far on a bike with more weight and therefore more momentum.

You don’t have to be a pro rider to appreciate suspension on an Electric Mountain Bike. The front forks will take out major bumps in the trail, and if set up properly will stop you needing to grip the handlebars so tightly. This will reduce wrist ache, shoulder ache and your hands going to sleep! The rear suspension will take the bumps out when you travel down hill over harsher terrain. If set up properly it won’t throw you off when it rebounds, it will reopen in a controlled fashion ready for the next bump! This helps reduce shock in your legs and lower back.

Full Suspension Haibike eMountain Bike Models and Suspension Travel General Rules of Thumb:

Haibike Fullseven comes with 120mm travel – This is perfect for those that are not speed demons, and are unlikely to exceed 20mph on their electric mountain bikes down hill, off-road.

Haibike Fullseven LT (Long Travel) comes with 150mm travel – This is a new innovation for 2018 and gives you as much travel as the Allmtn bikes from Haibike but the geometry of the Fullseven range. This is a good suspension level to look at if you ride tamer off-road terrain or are a lighter weight rider.

Haibike Allmtn (All Mountain) comes with 150mm travel – This machine will aid you when you are travelling much faster off road. It is designed for heavier usage and all types of off-road terrain. It usually has a slightly shorter wheelbase than the nDuro and Dwnhll bikes so you can control her better on forest trails where it can be important to have a shorter turning circle. We usually say these machines cope much better with speeds exceeding 20mph compared to the Fullseven’s, especially if you are a heavier rider.

Haibike Nduro comes with 180mm travel – oh boy… These bikes have more than enough travel to take on the toughest terrain at the highest speeds. Excellent bikes if you are looking to push your riding to the next level. The geometry means you can smash through the gnarliest trails (that’s right I said gnarly lol). Downhill you will find the slacker fork angle will help the forks absorb more of the trail, making your ride smoother and more controlled. Awesome!

Haibike Dwnhll (Downhill) comes with 200mm travel – That’s the most travel you can have on a Haibike eMTB! The ebike’s suspension will absorb multiple shocks at the highest speeds. I currently have a Haibike Dwnhll 8.0 with Bosch motor, it feels like you are doing 18mph when you travel at 30mph. It makes my ride more comfortable and safer, it has also meant I am more confident travelling at higher speeds knowing the bike will take the shock, not me. This machine has a much longer wheelbase too, so it’s much more stable for descending steeper slopes off road.

ebike suspension set up 1

Another variable on our bikes is the suspension system. In general the higher the price of the bike the better the suspension quality and therefore the faster you can ride. As a rule of thumb the entry level ebikes have Suntour suspension, the mid to high end bikes have Rock Shox systems and the Premium bikes have Fox suspension. This is only a very general rule as all three systems produce good quality suspension systems for electric bikes. As with most things in life you get what you pay for.

As with all eBikes purchased from us we set the suspension up to your rider weight using a shock pump and check the sag of the fork. This means your bike suspension will be optimised for your rider weight and usage. This is included in the price of new electric bikes purchased from us. You will also get 2 years Aftercare Servicing worth up to £750 with all new Haibike purchased in store.

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