Diamondback Corax 2.0 Bosch eMTB Review

Hi, Rich here from eBike Sussex, this short piece is all about the brilliant entry level full suspension eMTB from Diamondback UK. She comes with front and rear RockShox suspension with air adjustment (we set this to your rider weight when you buy). 140mm Travel is more than enough for most users and the bike can cope with much rougher off-road terrain if you need with a few suspension adjustments before a ride.

I love the fact the battery, electronics and motor are: 500Wh bigger capacity battery, the all powerful Bosch Performance CX motor with eMTB mode, and the streamline Bosch Purion display and controls. So the battery is the largest one currently available from Bosch eBike Systems. The motor is the latest and most powerful for the UK market, it is the same system my current bike, the Haibike Dwnhill 8.0 uses! Same goes for the display, the Purion is less distracting and more ‘out the way’ when it comes to knocks and bumps. Do still consider a Purion protector though, available in store for added protection.

The suspension can be semi-locked out for road use on the back end, although we prefer to set the suspension up so its ready for all types of terrain with minimal adjustment by yourselves.

The value for money of this machine is just astounding if you compare it to the competition. It even comes with a dropper post included in the price. So you can adjust the seat height as you ride from the comfort of your handlebars. That’s right, more control and safety, a better leg extension, fine adjustment of your ride as you ride.

The brakes are Shimano hydraulic discs front and rear, more than enough for most rider’s usage. Once again we can offer upgrades if you wish, contact us for details. The gears are Shimano with the Clutch mechanism designed to reduce chain slap and to keep the chain on the drive system on hairier off-road trails.

Plus size tyres deliver great grip when you need it. Some models are coming through from the factory with Schwalbe tyres (which we prefer) compared to the manufacturer’s specified WTB ones. The larger tyres don’t offer too much resistance on the road/compacted trails, and they will take a lower pressure because of their balloon shape for hugging dirty, unforgiving off-road. Most of our customers upgrade to a puncture resealing system. Call us for details, we are here to help!

If you buy from our store in Shoreham By Sea, eBike Sussex we will give you 2 years Aftercare Servicing included in the price worth up to £750. Ask us for details.

Finally the Diamondback Corax 2.0 will come fully assembled and serviced by our eBike Experts, and will therefore come with a 5 year frame guarantee, 2 years on the battery, electronics and motor and 12 months on the other components. We are here to look after you!

Thank you for reading my article,


Diamondback eMTB Specialist and Bosch eBike Expert

eBike Sussex