Topography Range Feature on Bosch Nyon

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex. As you may already know I have a Nyon system retrofitted to my eMTB and have done for the past few years. It is an amazing piece of kit and really enhances the ride information during and after rides. The Bosch eBike Connect App allows you to buy certain upgrades for your Nyon. One of those upgrades is battery range in relation to the topography around you. So instead of a large bright circle showing you where you can expect to get to by electric bike, you can see a precise hill-hugging range as shown in the photo above.

This upgrade cost £4.00 and helps enormously if planning a route on the fly, or just to see if you can ride home as the crow flies. I would highly recommend purchasing it for the simple fact if clearly shows your range in the dynamic way it should be shown, with realistic information in relation to steep inclines that can drain your battery power fast.

The range feature on the Nyon uses your previous rides and your current battery capacity in conjunction with the forces you are exerting on the pedals, your cadence and  speed to give a constantly updated range calculation every 50feet or so. This will prevent you from running out of battery if you pay attention to it.

Hope this helps you improve your rides with Bosch Nyon!


Bosch eBike Expert

eBike Sussex