Electric Bike Battery Covers

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex. Just a short article about Electric bike battery covers, why they are handy and can prevent damage of your electric bike battery. We sell a range of battery covers to suit the major electric bike systems we advocate: Bosch and Yamaha electric bike systems. Please visit us for more details at our Shoreham showroom in West Sussex.

Back to business. So the eBike cover is an interesting concept, I mean why wouldn’t the battery already come protected against dirt, impact, cold riding conditions and the wet? In the most part, the batteries are protected from these issues. But as with all things, there is often a better way. In our opinion, the best way to protect your battery is a neoprene battery protector.

The battery itself will lose capacity in colder conditions, so a battery protector will increase your battery range and will mean acclimatising the batter before charging will take les time. Basically if you try and charge a battery that is below 10degrees Celsius it will not necessarily ‘fully charge’ even if it says it is. This is to do with the cell capacity being less if the battery is colder. Therefore we recommend two things. 1. A battery cover for cold conditions (10 degrees or below). 2. Bring the battery up to room temperature before plugging her in for a charge to ensure you get a fuller capacity from the battery.

The next great reason to get a battery cover is to reduce the chance of you bashing the battery, either through crashing or accidentally knocking it. It is a little known fact that the battery’s warranty is void if the outer casing has signs of impact, cracks, scratches or dents. That’s right, a bashed up battery = no warranty!

The final reason I like using battery covers is that the battery doesn’t get covered in mud, sweat and rainwater! The cover keeps the battery looking as good as new and that means better resale value when it comes to reselling your electric bike for the next upgrade!


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