eConnect Haibike eBike Tracker

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex, here is a short article about the Haibike eConnect system that is designed to track your electric bike and enhances your safety when riding.

The eConnect system is powered by its own internal battery, which itself is trickle charged by the main electric bike’s battery. It is designed to alert you if the bicycle is moved without your permission. (A Bluetooth key must be in the rider’s pocket or backpack whilst riding for the ebike to work without sending you a theft alert. You can easily access the GPS info of the ebike on your mobile phone through the eConnect App (Android and iPhone).

ecoonect 33

The second awesome thing about eConnect is that it has an inbuilt motion sensor. This means if you travelled from lets say 25mph to zero mph. I guess you hit a tree and knocked yourself out, oh dear… Well the eConnect system will sms a user set mobile phone. If you do not respond within a certain time frame your gps co-ordinates and time of crash are automatically sent to the emergency services. A fantastic life saving feature that will help you in situations where you can’t help yourself.

The third feature is that the eConnect system will automatically save your ebike routes so you can share them with friend or look into the data contained after a ride for improving fitness and performance.

All in all this product looks to be a great tool for antitheft and retrieval after theft of your electric bike. We are eagerly awaiting delivery of this amazing aftermarket product for your Haibike. Estimates on cost are £299 for the system plus fitting. Please contact the store for current pricing though.


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