Custom Power Modes on Bosch Nyon

Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex, here is a little info about the brilliant upgrade you can purchase through the Bosch eBike Connect App for your Bosch Nyon controlled bike. It will give you the ability to switch between customised user defined power modes and the default power modes at will!

custom ride modes emtb 2018 nyon

So your old faithful 2015 Bosch Performance eMTB can be tweaked to deliver 10% more power, or your new Bosch Performance CX motor electric bike can be pushed to give more power too!

But it isn’t all about increasing power, many of our customers have used this feature to create customised power modes to give longer battery ranges. It is also worth thinking about the way you can make the ride harder for yourself if weight loss is your goal.

Thanks for reading the article, the upgrade is about £4.00 and is well worth it for the fun of creating your own eBike power modes!


eBike Sussex

Bosch eBike Expert