COBI.Bike & Bosch eBike Systems

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex, here is a short article about the COBI.Bike system that is compatible with the Bosch eBike Systems we sell. As of 2018, Bosch eBike Systems have acquired COBI.Bike the first connected biking system. This amazing technology turns your smart phone into the electric bike’s controls. The benefits are numerous, the technology of controlling your ebike by phone allows for a better user experience. Here are some of the reasons COBI.BIKE is a real game changer on our Bosch electric bike systems.

  •  Charge your mobile phone on the go with the built in charging mount and remote control
  • Free software updates for the COBI.Bike App available for iPhone and android smart phones
  • Navigation and weather through the smart phone app. 3D turn by turn instructions for satnav and weather forecasts to keep you in the loop.
  • Automatic front and rear lights with collision avoidance, taking safety to the next level for commuters
  • Turn signals from the rear light to make traffic travel safer
  • Safety and security, keeping your bike and your bike ride safe and secure.
  • Mobile phone music player controls
  • Fitness tracking to enhance your performance
  • Make and take calls on the go
  • Electronic bell to warn other road users you are near
  • Smart alarm system alerts you if there is suspicious movement of your bike
  • 12 Month Manufacturer’s guarantee

We can supply and fit a COBI.Bike device to your ebike, please contact us for details.


Bosch eBike Expert

eBike Sussex