Charging a Mobile Phone With Your Bosch eBike

Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex. Don’t you hate it when your phone battery dies whilst out on a ride? Or maybe you forgot to charge your GoPro Hero4 Session before you left the house. Well it is a little known fact that you can actually charge your camera or mobile phone via the Bosch Nyon or Intuvia USB port whilst you ride.

You can buy a special usb cable adapter from us that will allow you to connect a cable from your electronic device to the head unit to trickle charge your device off the Bosch electric bike’s battery. A brilliant way to ensure you don’t miss out on that important phone call, those google map directions, or that awesome Kodak moment.

The charge feature also helps if you have a handlebar mounted phone, we also have some clever devices that fit all makes and shapes of mobile phone available in store.

So if you have a Bosch Intuvia on your handlebars but can’t afford to upgrade to the SatNav ready Bosch Nyon, you could just connect your phone to the usb port of the intuvia and use the smart phone’s google mapping app to navigate. As with most devices the navigation screens can use more phone battery power, so the power plug in will get you longer use of your phone.  Tadaaa!

***UPDATE*** Bosch eBike Systems have confirmed this mobile device charge feature will not work with all devices. So if you need to check the specific device you require to charge we can do this for you in store. Just bring in your product specific charge cable, the mobile phone/camera that will need charging and we can test it for you whilst you wait. Call us to arrange this.


Bosch eBike Expert

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