Bosch Power Tube Battery

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex. The crazy new 2018 addition from Bosch eBike Systems is the Bosch PowerTube 500Wh battery system. This nifty battery is robust, slimline and powerful! It is designed to fit snugly into many of our Haibike machines within the downtube for 2018. This means you have a lower centre of gravity, a cleaner look and a better protected battery.

The PowerTube 500Wh battery will 50% charge in 2.25 hours and fully charge in 4.5 hours. Awesome! (If you have a compact charger these times are a little slower – 50% in 3.75 hours and fully in 7.5 hours).

So why did Bosch produce PowerTube? Well it does hide a valuable piece of equipment on your bike, and protects it from theft as the batteries are locked into the frame. The other benefit is on some models of 2018 Haibike you can mount a secondary battery within the frame triangle to have a dual battery system! That means you can double your bike’s battery range and have both batteries work seamlessly on the same bike.

The minimalist design of the battery has led to some amazing frame designs from Haibike this year, see below.

2018 Haibike ALLMTN

The new battery style also means the battery only pops out about 2cm once unlocked so it is easier to take hold of when removing. It also means the safety mechanism stops the battery from falling out when the battery is unlocked.¬†With all of our Haibike machines with PowerTube you can charge the battery on or off the bike. That’s right you have a port on the frame to plug your charger directly in if it is more convenient.


Our Bosch PowerTube Haibike are arriving from today! So please visit our store to view this awesome new innovative electric bike product!


Bosch eBike Expert

eBike Sussex