Bosch eBike Battery Ranges

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex, here is some information about the Bosch eBike Battery Ranges you can expect to achieve, what factors affect your battery range, and a link to the useful and quite amazing Bosch eBike Range Calculator.

The link above is a brilliant tool to work out the expected battery ranges across a multitude of factors. Try changing your rider weight by a few kg, the weather conditions, and other variables to see what battery range you can anticipate getting from your eBike.

Some of the factors that can affect range are as follows:

  • Rider weight
  • Bike Luggage weight
  • Bike Style
  • Bosch motor system
  • Bosch battery capacity
  • Tyre Style and Pressure
  • Weather e.g. wind
  • Terrain type
  • Steepness of climbs
  • Custom Ride modes
  • Power Mode being used
  • How smooth you Pedal
  • Cadence (speed of pedalling)
  • How often you start and stop on a journey
  • Battery Running Temperature
  • Drive chain system lubrication
  • Type of gearing system fitted to the bike

If you are worried about your battery capacity you can contact us to reset your user data through Bosch’s eBike Expert diagnostics interface. This will then reset your expected battery range calculator that is already built into your Bosch electric bike. Please note the range function on your bike updates itself based on how and where you ride, as well as the power mode you are in and the remaining battery capacity you have. It often takes 50 feet of riding for the range to re-calculate. Any further info please do not hesitate to contact us.


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