New Bosch Electric Bike Owners Advice

Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex the Bosch Electric Bike Specialists in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex. So you invested in a shiny new Bosch Electric Bike, here is a list of things to help you get the most from your new purchase.

  1. When switching the Bosch eBike on please ensure the bike is stationary, their is no weight on the pedals and the wheel magnet sensor is not directly in front of the speed sensor on the rear wheel. For Intuvia and Purion systems, count to five slowly in your head once you have switched the bike on to allow the sensors to calibrate. If you have a Bosch Nyon system allow a good 45-60 seconds for the system to be ready. The same goes for switching the bike off. Please give the bike plenty of time to shut down before removing head units and batteries.
  2. When the bike is being switched on check the controls for the spanner icon for service intervals. If you purchased your bike from an authorised Bosch eBike Specialist like ourselves you will have service dates and intervals set on your system. If you purchased your bike from somewhere that has not set a service reminder please be wary! This means they have not had the appropriate Bosch training and therefore your bike may require important software updates for your safety. We offer service plans for those that have purchased electric bikes elsewhere, contact us for details.
  3. The bike can be switched on at the head unit (using the power on button) or on the battery power on button. I personally like to alternate use so as not to drain the head unit’s internal batteries too quickly. So one day I will switch on with the head unit power button, and on other days the battery button.
  4. Charge your Bosch Nyon and/or Intuvia head unit off the bike, via micro usb on a mains charger for 4 hours once a month. This will make sure it’s internal Li-Ion battery is full enough to avoid those ‘low batt’ headunit errors.
  5. Ensure you read Bosch’s eBike Battery Care Guide, it has essential information to give you better battery ranges and battery life. Visit our store for a hardcopy of this guide. Alternatively I have written a blog here about this: Bosch eBike Battery Guide for Electric Bikes
  6. Remove the battery before cleaning the bike and do not use a pressure washer or strong hose. Avoid spraying water around the motor area, and anywhere that has bearings on your ebike. You may wash out the grease and this will increase friction and wear on your parts. I like to use the ‘rain mode’ on a hose. For cleaning fluids and tools visit our ebike store for assistance.
  7. Dry the bike after washing and re-lubricate areas like the chain, derailleur, head unit and battery terminal points using Vaseline or terminal grease if necessary.
  8. Check your tyre pressures religiously! The tyre pressures on an ebike are so important because of the extra weight and momentum of an electric bike. Please ensure you check your tyre pressure with a proper track pump (sold in store) every 2-4 weeks as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  9. Get the bike serviced initially when you buy the bike with all the latest software loaded, and then get the bike serviced AGAIN at the 2-12 week mark when the bike has bedded in. This is essential for your safety! We offer 2 years Aftercare Servicing on all bikes sold in store. You can extend this in the future or if you did not buy your Bosch bike from us you can call us to get a price on a service plan. We want to look after you, so let us!
  10.  Make sure your electric bike and rider have the appropriate accessories and components. For example puncture proof tyres, sealed bearing non slip pedals, a safety mirror, mudguards, lights, clear lens glasses, helmet, gloves, reflective jacket, backpack or pannier for carrying spares and charger. We have a range of products in store to suit all ebikes.

This article is a work in progress so I will add to it where appropriate.


Bosch eBike Expert

eBike Sussex