Electric Bike Insurance Advice

Hi, Richard here from eBike Sussex, the electric bike specialists in Sussex. This short article will advise you on getting the right insurance for your brand new electric bike!

First things first, if you buy from us you get 2 years Aftercare Servicing worth up to £750 so please ensure your Insurance company are aware that if your bike is stolen or damaged in an accident you would anticipate getting the replacement bike from us. Or if that is not covered under your policy, that you would like the replacement to be built and serviced by our eBike specialists at eBike Sussex. It’s only fair considering the initial ebike was purchased from us, and set up to you as an individual.

With all insurance policies, please read the fine print before your cooling off period to ensure you are receiving the cover you expected. We have had situations where customers have told us their household insurance have not paid out because the bikes were not “locked to an unmoveable object” for example. It is best if you are prepared in the first instance and have the appropriate lock that the insurance company specify. For example many firms will only insure you if you security code the bicycle (we can do this in store whilst you wait for a small fee), or if the bike has been locked using a gold sold secure lock (also available in store).

We are eBike specialists and have a multitude of devices to help protect your bike, the wheels, seat post, handlebars, frame and forks from theft. Each bike is different and each customer’s needs are, so it is worth coming to the store with the ebike so we can show you the options available to you. This is especially useful if you commute or live in a city with a high bike theft rate.

Our security coding system will make your electric bike up to 10 times less likely to be stolen and if it is stolen, it is more likely to be traced back to you. Ask us about our ebike security coding package in store.

We can also supply ebike tracking devices, for example eConnect, and other systems. Please ask in store for details. These devices are a great idea if you have a machine that you have to lock up each day whilst you are at work.

Back to the insurance against theft or damage of your eBike. The following recommendations are purely the opinion of myself and some of our customers, so please do your own homework before buying a policy. We do not advocate one insurance company more than any other when it comes to electric bikes, this is purely a guide to help you make the right decision. Lexham Insurance are particularly good for electric bikes and even have a recovery service. Some of our customers use Lexham and they appear to like what they offer. Google them for more details.

We have also heard good things about Aviva home insurance and people adding their electric bikes to their existing home policies for little or no increase in their premiums. Once again worth getting a quote from them if you can.

Most insurance companies will want the frame number and security pin number from our security coding system when you apply for the policy. You will also want the full name and spec of the bike to ensure you are not short changed if they need to replace the bike. We have heard many horror stories of insurance companies that upon hearing you had your Haibike stolen, try substituting for inferior brands, and the customer is led to believe the alternative model they are getting is better because it is newer. This is rarely the case. Would you swap a Bentley for a BMW?

We can also help you if you require a quote for repair or replacement of an electric bike under your insurance. Please contact me for details.


eBike Specialist

eBike Sussex