Bosch Nyon Screen Protector

Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex in Shoreham, we have just taken our first delivery of the Bosch Nyon display protector. This handy rubber surround will offer extra bash and scratch protection to your beloved Nyon display. It is compatible with all Bosch Nyon displays. Please contact me for details.

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The Bosch Nyon is a brilliant tool for mapping your ride, customizing your bike’s power modes, keeping track of your fitness and more. This surround protector will add some extra protection around the screen and buttons without compromising the functionality of the device.

We have had a few customers unfortunately break or smash their Nyon’s from their handlebars on hairier trails or in transit. Hopefully this new product will reduce the likelihood of you damaging your favourite eBike interface.

We also have the clear screen protectors available in store for Nyon. This prevents scratching the screen itself in use. Very handy and pretty quick to fit. Ask in store for details.


The Nyon’s black/grey plastic surround is another replaceable product that we hold in stock, so if you have been unlucky enough to break the Nyon surround please do not hesitate to contact us for replacement details. We have a range of Bosch Electric Bike Accessories and Components in stock at all times.


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