How to Fix a Puncture on an Electric Bike

Dang! Flat Tyre! Electric Bike! Oh Dear!

First things first, are you searching for how to fix a flat tyre on an electric bike because it’s already gone flat? Or are you just making sure you are well prepared to prevent punctures in the first place?

Don’t forget all bike tyres will naturally deflate over a 2-4 week period. The manufacturer’s recommend you check your tyre pressure during this time period.

Many of our electric bikes come with puncture proof tyres as standard, if they don’t you can ask us to upgrade them for you for an agreed cost. The tyres we love are electric bike specific, ultra durable, with a reinforced band to stop punctures. They will give you a longer battery range, more grip and can take the heavier weight rating of an electric bike. We also recommend puncture proofing in the inner tubes, especially on electric mountain bikes.

For puncture prevention on your electric bike please visit us at our eBike Sussex store in Shoreham West Sussex.

So if it’s too late and the tyre is already flat, then please follow your original product instruction manual from the place you purchased the ebike.  If you can’t get a copy of them, then the following instructions are a guide and please use them at your own risk! Please do not attempt to change your inner tube or tyre yourself unless you really know what you are doing. It is much better to get a professional to fit a tyre or tube on an ebike as we will have the correct tools to do the job safely.

  1. Remove the battery from the bike.
  2. Put the ebike into your electric bike workstand and raise her to an appropriate working height.
  3. If the electric bike has a wheel mounted motor please buy a proper electric bike next time! Just kidding, please disconnect the motor connection.
  4. Next check to make sure their are no other wires connected to the hub (for example dynamo hub lights or electronic gear systems).
  5. If the bike has rim brakes or hub brakes please loosen or disconnect the brake cable as per the wheel removal instructions for your particular braking system.
  6. If you have chain tensioners, chain guards or derailleurs with clutch mechanism’s please remove or disengage them as per your electric bike user manual. Also if you have a derailleur system please put the bike gear on the smallest cog (highest gear).
  7. Undo the wheel nuts, quick release or through axle and drop the wheel out.
  8. Remove the tyre and tube. Start at the furthest point from the valve (it’s the loosest part of the tyre). Use proper tyre levers so you don’t damage the rim.
  9. Check rim for damage, check rim tape, check tyre for foreign bodies and wear.Fold the tyre almost inside out and run your fingers along the inside, feel for any thorns, glass, stone etc that may have penetrated the tyre wall. Check the tyre sidewall for damage or cracks, replace if necessary.
  10. Pump a little air into your replacement innertube. We do not recommend you patch inner tubes on eBikes. Fit the inner tube into the tyre and push the valve through the hole in the wheel rim. Ensure the tyre tread is facing the correct direction of travel! Fit the tyre bead on all the way around on one side. Then starting at the valve tuck the other side of the bead over the rim and work yourself evenly each side until you reach the last 3 inches of tyre on the opposite side of the valve. Roll this onto the rim and your tyre should be ready for seating.
  11. Attach your pump and give her a couple of pumps, then check the tyre bead is seated correctly on both sides of the tyre all the way around. When you are happy, pump the tyres to the minimum tyre pressure recommended by the manufacturer that is printed on the sidewall of the tyre.
  12. Refit the wheel in the reverse order of the instructions above (steps 7 back to 3).
  13. Check your gears and brakes in the workstand and check the wheel to ensure it is true and not buckled!
  14.  Refit the battery.
  15. Check the tyre pressure is to your needs, and never inflate to the maximum or above!
  16. Test ride in a safe area. Test brakes, gears and motor assistance.


As previously mentioned please do not attempt the steps above, we would rather you take your electric bike to your local ebike specialists (like us!). It is safer for you and we are equipped to sort punctures and tyre replacement same day in 99% of cases. Please contact us for details.

Thanks for reading my article,


eBike Specialist

eBike Sussex