Haibike 2018 Nduro Xduro 8.0 Bosch CX Review

Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex in Shoreham, here is a product review of my favourite eMTB from Haibike for 2018 the Nduro 8.0. If you buy from my store you will get 2 years Aftercare Servicing with your new bike. That is 3 services a year for 2 years worth up to £750! Contact us for details.

Haibike 2018 Nduro 8.0 with Bosch Performance CX Motor


This mean machine is powered using Bosch’s newest PowerTube Technology, so the battery is neatly concealed in the frame. The motor is the exceptionally powerful Bosch Performance CX motor capable of delivering over 300% power assistance. oh boy….

Plus size tyres will deliver excellent grip in all conditions, it’s like driving a tractor when it comes to riding in muddy conditions, a tractor with a sports engine in it. The lower pressures you can ride at give even more grip when descending and cornering. If you are worried about punctures ask us about our puncture proofing, we’ve got a great solution.

The brakes are powerful Magura MT5’s with a front 203mm rotor and a rear 180. Magura are motorbike brake producers, and it shows on the ebikes we have them fitted to. The braking smoothness and power from Magura MT5’s is bang on when travelling at speed.

Suspension on the Nduro 8.0 is 180mm travel front and rear, so more than enough to dampen the impact at speeds beyond 30mph. We set the suspension up for your individual rider weight when you buy from us so don’t worry if you are new to suspension systems.

When buying from our store in Shoreham West Sussex your bike will be assembled and serviced by trained Bosch eBike Experts. This means that not only will your machine be set-up perfectly for you, but you will also have the latest Bosch software available loaded up for the battery, motor and headunit. This model comes with the streamlined Bosch Purion display, but we can hardware upgrade to Intuvia or Nyon. Please call us for details.

Gears… This badboy has a very wide gear range from its 11speed Sram derailleur and shifter. You will have the ability to climb wall-like hills with light pedalling and descend with the harder gearing adding to your speed. The gear change is smooth and the software updates from Bosch give the motor a fine tuned response to reduce chain bang and bunching when changing gear.

This model comes with a dropper as standard, a useful addition saving you a few hundred quid in case you need a reason to justify buying the bike to your better half. Thank you for reading my article, if you have any further questions or would like to view/buy the 2018 Haibike Nduro 8.0 please feel free to contact us.


Bosch eBike Expert

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