Dropper Posts For Haibike Electric Bikes

Hi, Richard from eBike Sussex here to tell you about dropper posts and why they are an essential addition to your Haibike eBike!

So a dropper post works by allowing you to adjust the seat height of your electric bike remotely with a button on the handlebars. “Witchcraft” I hear you say! It’s a brilliant tool to lower the saddle for mounting and dismounting the bike and once you begin riding you can raise the saddle to get that nice straight leg extension.

If you would like a demonstration of a dropper post please visit our store in Shoreham West Sussex, open 7 days a week. Dropper posts come in a variety of dimensions and types. To get the correct dropper post for your specific ebike visit the store with your machine. Call us on 01273 596368 to arrange a date and time between 9am and 2pm.


Back to the uses of a dropper post. So you get on your electric bike and the seat is now much lower, so it is easier to get your leg over. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Once you begin pedalling press the button on the handlebars and the dropper post is able to automatically rise to wherever your bottom is. If you stand on the pedals and lift yourself higher, the saddle rises with you, and when you get to the perfect leg extension, release the button and the saddle is fixed at that point. That is until you press the button again, and under your rider weight the saddle will lower. Release the button again and it stays at the new height. Awesome!

The dropper posts we sell are either Hydraulic, Cable or Bluetooth operated. My personal preference is hydraulic, but the cable ones are great value for money too. Some of our ebikes come with a dropper post as standard, others it is an optional upgrade. Please contact us for current pricing and availability.

We usually want a full day to fit a dropper post, so drop off at 9am and you can often collect same day at 2pm.

Bluetooth droppers can have slight delays between pressing the button and the seat raising or dropping. Cable systems are prone to stretch and rust, I prefer hydraulic systems.

Our Haibike electric bikes have cable inlets, these are smart plastic plugs in the frame that can be changed to allow cables to run inside the bike frame. The cable inlets mean the cables for the dropper will not be unsightly and cable tied externally to the frame, instead they will run inside the frame and will therefore be less likely to be damaged or snagged during use, storage or transport.

These are included in the price of fitting a dropper, or alternatively can be purchased separately if you want to fit a dropper yourself. Please ask in store for details.

Dropper posts are not just for mountain bikers, they give you safety, control & comfort over your ride and when mounting or dismounting. +

In my eyes they are an essential part of owning an ebike because these machines are heavier than standard bikes. Important thing to remember with dropper posts and ebikes. Please do not lift the electric bike by the saddle if a dropper is fitted, as the additional weight of an ebike can damage the internal workings of the dropper. Instead lift the bike by the cross bar.

 Please contact me for further details about dropper posts and your Haibike.


Bosch eBike Expert

eBike Sussex