Raleigh Motus & Captus Product Review

Here are a couple of videos showing the Raleigh Motus and Captus models with hub and derailleur gears. The Bosch activeline system powers these bikes and the software it runs is updateable as are some of the hardware components (for example Bosch Nyon satnav upgrade). The Raleigh Motus is one of our most popular models and ticks many boxes for our customers. We have this model in multiple specs and sizes in our Shoreham ebike showroom and Bosch ebike service centre in Sussex. Please call us for further details, we are open 7 days a week.



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The Raleigh Motus and Captus models come in the following configurations subject to availability:

Motus Mens Crossbar 700c Derailleur med 46cm or large 53cm

Motus Ladies Step Through 700c Derailleur med 46cm blue or bronze 50cm blue or bronze

Motus Mens Crossbar 700c Hub Gear med 46cm or large 53cm

Motus Ladies Step Through 700c Hub Gear blue or bronze 46cm

Motus Ladies Step Through 26″ Hub Gear blue or bronze med

Captus Mens Crossbar 700c Derailleur titanium med 46cm large 53cm

Captus Ladies Step Through 700c Derailleur Black or purple med 46cm large 50cm

Captus Ladies Step Through 700c Hub Gear med 46cm black or purple

Captus Mens Crossbar 700c Hub Gear titanium med 46cm large 53cm

Captus Ladies Step Through 26″ Hub black or purple

This may all look confusing due to the sheer number of product options, so please contact us for further details.


One of the main reasons I love the Raleigh Motus and Captus models is the Bosch system, it’s resilience and ability to be software updated is testimony to Bosch’s ‘Invented for Life’ philosophy. We have had customers purchase Motus’ when they were first released in 2014 and have since benefitted from many software updates improving their riding experience, here are an example of a few Bosch software updates we have loaded onto the Motus & Captus over the last 3 years:

  • Service reminders: to ensure your bike is regularly cared for
  • Gear change recommendation: to give a longer battery range
  • Key number save space: In case you lose your keys and need a replacement cut
  • Extra torque from the motor: More power in the highest power mode

These are all examples of how our customer’s bikes have got better with age instead of the usual expectation of a product getting more out of date over time. These software updates are performed when you by the bike from us so that you get an up to date machine with the latest software systems on the battery, motor and head unit.

Another great reason to buy a Raleigh Motus or Captus is that the Bosch system is actually also hardware upgradeable if you want it to be. We have had customers change the Intuvia controls to a Bosch Nyon satellite navigation display for example, or the streamlined Purion display.


Full Spec details can be found in the following PDF file:

Click Here for Raleigh Motus & Captus eBike Sussex Spec Sheets PDF



All Raleigh Motus or Captus bikes purchased in store come with a full 5 year frame warranty, 2 years on the Bosch motor, battery and head unit and 12 months on the other components.

We also offer 2 years Aftercare Servicing included in the price which is unique to our store. Speak to us for details.


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