We have been selling Electric Bikes in Sussex since 1996!

Hi, this is Richard from eBike Sussex, welcome to our eMTB blog. I’ve thrown this together with caffeine and gaffer tape to help you get the most out of your electric mountain bike! The plan is, well there is no plan, but I will basically share some of what I’ve learned from riding eMTB since 2013.

But for now, here is a little about me and my background. I’m a beginner mountain biker, with 10 years plus riding experience on standard mountain bikes. I turned 30 years old in 2013 and my family business have been selling bicycles since 1948! We have sold electric bikes since 1996, making us the oldest Electric Bike Shop in the country! I will go into that story some other time. We have a bricks n mortar store in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, a hundred yards from the South Downs National Park. We hire, demo, sell, service and repair eMTB’s. I also own an eMountain bike myself and regularly ride the local trails.

I made the leap to electric mountain in 2013 when we started selling our Bosch powered Haibikes. That initial ride on an All mountain pro blew my mind and paved the way for a dedicated area in store for eMTB and has fuelled my passion for electric mountain. The exhilarating mental and physical feeling of riding electric mountain still effects me like it did on that first ride back in March 2013. That’s one of the big deals for me when it comes to eMTB is that it doesn’t get old, it’s still a remarkable experience years on, and it just keeps getting better.

If you have not yet cycled an eMTB I would urge you to put down whatever you are doing right now and look online for your local Ebike demo centre. If you are in or around Sussex then call me at eBikeSussex in Shoreham! I am a Haibike man myself, so will naturally recommend them over other brands. They have an inherent quality of ride, finish and geometry that is unrivalled in my opinion. But don’t listen to me! The reviews speak for themselves and if you Google Haibike you will see the German’s fanatical enjoyment of ebikes is the driving force behind the Haibike brand.

Speaking of reviews, there are some awesome resources online for eMountain bikers, the main one that comes to mind is the pedelec forum, a place to ask questions, share experiences and knowledge of the product.

Another snippet of advice is to Make sure you know your local E mountain bike dealers and service centres. If they are a good shop they should be one and the same. Be careful to avoid dealers with limited experience riding, selling and repairing bikes. Many people have jumped on the bandwagon with Ebikes, and opened businesses on the fly with little or no previous bike knowledge. Many of these new businesses will not last their first trading year, so be careful to avoid a place that might be shut down tomorrow leaving you with no back up servicing or warranty. We also have heard of pop up Ebike shops that outsource even the most basic repairs (punctures for example!). So how can you trust a place where the staff don’t ride eMountain themselves and a place where the sales guy isn’t sold on the product. Choose your shopping channel wisely as an Ebike is a complicated product that requires regular servicing and in many cases updates to maintain warranty and to keep the bike running smoothly for your safety and enjoyment. Does it matter if your local EIBD (electric independent bike dealer) is selling the bike for full RRP if it means the bike will be set up to be road legal for your respective country and if they are a good store will come with aftercare servicing included. Then you can draw on their knowledge and experience and get the most out of your ride.

There is nothing more disappointing than spending £2800 on an Ebike you purchased online, when if you had purchased from your local eMTB dealer you could have paid an extra few hundred quid and gained a gateway to a better riding experience and bike set up. Any how’s, I’m not here to preach, just appreciate that cheap things are rarely good and good things are rarely cheap. Thanks for that quote Zigziglar. RIP.

There is another aspect to look at here, and that is the margin on Ebikes especially eMountain isn’t great. So be worried if they are being sold at a discount. Are they ex demo? Are they shop soiled or Faulty goods? Is the shop closing down? If something seems too good to be true, it probably is!

That reminds me of a story a customer of mine shared with us about how they purchased a Bosch Ebike second hand from a rival Ebike seller and had been told the bike had only done 100 miles. Upon getting home and seeing the time on the bike was incorrect the customer also saw the machine had achieved well over a 1000 miles! Needless to say the bike was returned for a full refund. What concerned me about this story was that the people selling these Bosch powered ebikes were not Bosch trained and accredited like myself. So they were unable to understand and safely set up the bike for the customer.

I have just completed my 2017 Bosch eBike training at Bosch UK’s eBike head quarters in Uxbridge. It was an awesome course with lots of new information regarding new Bosch Performance CX motor systems and software and hardware upgrades for consumers. We were also privy to a new grease shield/guard for existing Gen2 motors (please call us if you would like one installed!) Tel 01273 596368

Exciting times at our Sussex Electric Bike showroom and service centre! We can now carry out servicing and warranty on all makes of Bosch electric bike! So it doesn’t matter where you purchased your emountain bike or what brand of emtb you chose, we are here to help!

This is a work in progress so please contact me if you have any suggestions or would like any questions approached! Sales@mailorderbikes.com

Thanks for reading 🙂


The South’s First Bosch eBike Expert

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