Definition of eMTB

So what is eMTB? Wikipedia doesn’t seem to know, or at least google don’t have any results for it yet! Here is our short definition of electric mountainbiking…

Noun eMTB, Defined as an off road capable bicycle, aka mountain bike, with an added electric motor for power assistance.

Verb E-mountain biking, eMTB’ing, to mountain bike with power assistance from an electric motor. examples: Bosch pedal assist Performance CX Motor.

Conquer The Highest & Steepest Climbs

In short, you have power on an electric mountain bike, that power is being fed through the cranks and chain system into the rear wheel to give ‘rear wheel drive’. The best system to use is a pedal assist system like the Bosch or Yamaha electric mountain bike systems like we sell.

Benefits of Riding Electric Mountain Bikes (eMTB)

1. Power when you need it.
2. Exercise! (It only delivers power based on your efforts. Therefore more effort = more power.
3. More time to ride downhill (riding up a steep climb is normally time consuming, this isn’t the case with eMTB).
4. Less impact on your joints.
5. Better upper body work out than a conventional mtb as the bike is slightly heavier to control.
6. Integrated cycle computer (in the case of Bosch Nyon also integrated fitness system and satnav to track rides).
7. Updateable software to get more from your purchase as the years go on. Making an eMTB ‘relevant’ for longer than a conventional mtb. (True of the Bosch Nyon system)
8. More social as you can chat whilst riding.
9. More fun as you can conquer steep hills at up to 15mph.
10. Potentially safer as you could accelerate out of a situation/problem.
11. Lower centre of gravity makes it more difficult to go over the handlebars.
12. According to at least one independent test it works your heart more than a normal mtb.



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